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3 Ways to Refresh Your Home with permanent outdoor LED Christmas Lighting

With the Christmas tree up inside and wreaths adorning doors, many homeowners start dreaming about fun, creative ways to decorate their home’s exterior as well. There are plenty of outdoor Christmas lighting fixtures for Toronto homeowners to choose from, and there are various different places of your homes exterior that can be highlighted using LED lighting fixtures. 

Add Personality to Your Patio

Although patio season in Canada is just a few months of the year, Toronto homeowners can still use the space to add more themed decor. If you are the type of homeowner who loves entertaining and having friends over for summer night cookouts and shindigs, why not add character to your deck with LED lighting? LED lighting fixtures can be used installed along railings, to up-light furniture or around your backyard’s entryway. Impress your neighbours and guests with colourful ambiance lighting that adds a festive touch to your outdoor space. Whether you go red and white for Canada Day or light a green and red pathway during Christmas, outdoor LED accent lights can make your standard wooden deck feel like a whole new space fit for any celebration.

Show-off Your Home’s Architecture
If your home has beautiful architectural details like peaked gables, arched windows, intricate stonework or sky-high columns, permanent outdoor Christmas lighting can also be used as an accent that will make these elements stand-out proudly. LED lights are durable, easy-to-install and weatherproof, making them a low-maintenance option for homeowners looking to add a little oomph to their home’s exterior. In addition, LED strip lighting and bulbs are virtually invisible during the daytime, thus there is no need to worry about clunky mounting systems taking away from your home’s décor and aesthetic. We guarantee neighbours and passing drivers alike will slow-down to admire your residence. 

Highlight Your Gardens and Water Features
A lush garden and elegant fountain add an old-world charm to any home. Why not make sure these decorative features are proudly on display with LED accent lighting? Enjoy your water features and gardens even at nighttime by adding ambient lighting to highlight these backyard focal points. Thanks to their resilient and waterproof construction, you won’t need to stress about these lights being damaged by the sun, rain, snow or whatever else Mother Nature throws your way.

With the endless possibilities in colours and display sequences, and flexible installation options, permanent outdoor Christmas lighting systems are a fantastic way to add personality to your home’s curbside and backyard. Whether you want to spice up your outdoor Tiki bar with underlighting or add grandeur your entryway, accent lights are a simple yet effective way to show-off your exterior features during the holiday season or year round! While there are a number of permanent outdoor Christmas lighting fixtures for toronto homeowners to consider, it is important to invest in high-quality products to ensure your lights continue to shine bright for many years to come.